How will Persuasion Techniques and NLP give you an Unfair Advantage at Job Interviews and Work?

Welcome to NLP Nation. The fact you’re here means you’re about to discover some amazing ways to enjoy more success.

Now I don’t know whether you want to get more job offers, sell more, be more successful at work, or get more out of relationships. And maybe you’d just like to be more persuasive in everyday life.

So I’d like to invite you to take as much or as little time as you need to take a look around, and decide if this is right for you.

By the way, it’s great to see you. Take your shoes off, relax and make yourself feel at home.

I promise you’ll find some eye-opening uses of NLP, as well as persuasion techniques, job interview tips, and sales tips.

Quick question: have you ever wondered why some people always seem to have it all?

Can I let you in on a secret?

There is no secret. They got lucky. They simply stumbled upon what seemed to work, and then practiced it until it became a part of everyday life. And other people never had the same luck.

As you consider this and think about it means to you, I wonder if you can already imagine all the areas of your life where you’d love to experience twice as much success.

If you’re ready to discover how easy it can be, please don’t let me stop you from looking around now.

And if you’re not ready yet, I’d like to invite you to think about what would have to happen before you can say to yourself:

“Wow, I can’t believe how easy it is to change people’s minds and get what I really deserve”.

Subliminal Persuasion Techniques | Conversational Hypnosis
Imagine if everyone saw things your way. What would you get more of? Use these persuasion techniques and find out… but only if that’s what you really want…

Job Interview Tips | NLP Techniques
Successfully influence your interviewer with the most effective job interview tips and NLP techniques

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  1. Stephen Newman says

    To me the ability to be AWARE was probably the most important thing that NLP has opened up for me so far. I approach people differently. I am more intent on them, how they are processing information, how they are communicating to me and finding ways to create rapport. It is enlightening and rewarding in so many ways that I could not explain it here. Highly recommend the courses offered.

      • Bard says

        You are providing valuable info and yet you are missing the boat by remaining hidden. You are a ghost. Your contact page isn’t even working right. What are you hiding? Imagine how much less stressful your life will be without the cost of keeping this website up and running. So how much do you want for the website?

        • NLPnation says

          Didn’t realise that – thanks for pointing it out.

          Haha, not hiding anything. I wrote these articles a few years ago then forgot about it. It was a labour of love – I’m happy people are finding it useful and I’m more than happy to pay the hosting costs so more people can get what they want for free ;)

          Thanks for dropping by,

          A. Ghost

  2. David Göz says

    Cool website,
    it really helped me get over the “what are your weaknesses ” question and in many other places!
    Keep updating this great work


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